Have you ever thought, can a friendship work if one of the friends don’t trust the other? And are the people that don’t trust you enough to tell their problems to even really your friends? In my opinion, you should be able to trust the people you call friends, and they should be able to trust you. But if a friend doesn’t trust you, does it tell you you’re not trustworthy or does it tell you that the person you count as a friend doesn’t think the same about you?

Today I came across a situation that made me think about these things. An old friend of mine has some kind of problems with her boyfriend and I’ve been trying to ask her what’s wrong, because I see she’s clearly suffering. She wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong and I was both dissapointed and a little angry that she didn’t trust me enough to tell me. And today she woudln’t hang out with me, but she went with another friend, claming she can talk to him about the problems because he knows what has happened since he’s a friend of her boyfriend.  I told her I could help her if she would tell me what’s wrong but she didn’t even say anything! I know most people would tell me that I’m freaking out for nothing, but I’m hurt that she doesn’t trust me enough to tell me. We’ve been friends for almost five years and she did trust me before, I just can’t imagine what has changed..