Spider exhibit

We went to a spider exhibit today with my sister and niece. Although a part of me felt bad for those guys, being locked in a box and having humans staring them all day, the biologist in me took this as an opportunity to learn about spiders and see the kinds of spiders that we don’t have here in Finland. It was a great experience and Siiri also had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures:

känny 092

A hairy one but absolutely one of my favorites.

känny 087

Near the glass..

känny 094

This one was really trying to climb to the roof perhaps, but (s)he kept on falling a little once in a while..

känny 101

A shy one, keeping it’s back to us.

känny 103 känny 107

This one was unfortunate enough to fall from its climb while we were watching. Hope it wasn’t too embarrassing 🙂

känny 109

This was a small one, compared to some of the others, but still cute.

känny 111

In a corner

känny 112

Out in the open, trying to scratch him/herself.

känny 115 känny 088

And some snails and millipedes too 🙂

känny 118

Ready for a climb

My walls

One of my walls, the one where my desk is on, I have some of my calligraphy work. They’re all quotes used in Criminal Minds in the start or the end of an episode. I’ve picked the ones that I like and put them to writing and on my wall. Most of my walls are covered in bookshelves or cabinets. The rest of my walls have my calligraphy work and a couple of posters. I also have a puzzle of a red telephone box in front of Big Ben that I framed after I’d  put it together. 

Earth day

I decided to celebrate earth day, which is on Monday by taking notice on the nature’s “survivors”. Like the plants that grow on places that aren’t really conventional for a growth of a plant.  So I took my camera and went on a walk around the neighborhood. Here are some pictures that I took.


This one has some unusually grown branches. It doesn’t look like all the other trees but these imperfections are what make it beautiful.

IMG_1304 IMG_1305

These two are from the same tree. You can see from the first one that it has been probably struck by a lightning because it has been cut from the top and still it’s growing. That if something is survival 🙂


Here’s some moss, growing on the foundation of a bridge. Not the most perfect place to grow.


This one is growing from between two large rocks, it can’t be a good place to be growing and still it’s quite healthy.


This one is growing right next to a big road. It must get all kinds of toxic gases and stuff while growing in a place like this but it’s still growing well 🙂


This little one is growing in the middle of a street covered in asphalt. There’s not that much space for it to grow, but it’s still trying. That’s determination if anything 🙂 The sad part is that it’ll probably be cut down before it can grow big or it’ll die on it’s own accord. It’s a shame such a determination will go to waste 😦

We should learn from these trees. They don’t just give up and die when they confront problems, they push through their trouble. Mother nature gives them the tools and means to survive even in the middle of the city. No matter how much we people directly or indirectly affect their quality of life, they still do their best to survive. We should honor the creations of mother nature and not take them for granted 🙂