True friends

How do you know if someone is your true friend? A conversation with one of my dearest friend got me thinking. How do you know you’ve met a true friend? Is a true friend someone you can tell everything? Someone who you can have a laugh with?

I think a friend is someone who is there to share your joy and the fun times. But a true friend is also there when you have troubles and to listen to you when you’re sad. A true friend will listen to you ranting about your troubles and thinks nothing of it, because when they see you hurting, they hurt too. They don’t see the listening as a must. They just WANT to listen and make you feel better just to see you smile again 🙂 They love you like you’re their family. They love you unconditionally, no matter what you do They care for you like they care for themselves. They don’t expect you to return the things they do to you, but they know you will 🙂 When you feel like you’ve burdened them far too much, they want you to tell more because they don’t care how bad it is, they still love you and want you to feel better 🙂 Friends, boy- and girlfriends come and go, but true friends are the ones picking up the pieces of your broken heart when you need them to and to enjoy all the good things in your life right alongside you ’til the end 🙂


This is my definition of a true friend. What is yours?



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