Three people walk into a bar, they’re quite an extraordinary group. There’s the first boy who’s laughing at something the other boy said like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard. His white-blond hair that is usually slicked back stylishly is wet, probably due the pouring rain outside. His grey eyes light up while he laughs.  The other boys’ black hair is as messy as a  bird’s nest, not even the rain manage flattening it up. He listens to the other boy’s laugh like it’s the best sound in the world.

Your mind is sidetracked when your eyes land on the red-headed girl in the middle of the two boys. She is complaining about the rain and how her hair is a mess because of it.You think she looks perfect. You wonder why she can’t see it. They sit in the corner, their usual table, take off their coats and the girl goes to fetch drinks for the three. The boys hardly even notice her coming back and giving them their drinks, they’re so engrossed in their conversation. The miracle is, the girl slips in the conversation like she never left it.

You debate going over there to talk to the girl, but are too intimidated by the two boys. Even though you know neither of them is her boyfriend, you know the black haired is her cousin and both boys are very protective over her. You’ve been so engrossed in your thoughts that you’ve missed someone sitting on the bar stool next to you. When you look to your right, you see the red-head smiling brightly at you.



What love is

I love a lot of things, my family, Tintti(my cat), other animals, nature, my friends, photographing, writing, a lot of stuff.

You can love pretty much anything, and the love is always different, depending on the object of the love. But some things are always the same.

In my opinion the things you love shape and define you just the same as the things you do. 

Your family is the base of your individuality. Whether you wanna be just like your family or wanna break free from the family ways. I know my family has shaped me, they’re all animal lovers like me, that’s the part where I wanna be like them because I love them. But then there are things, that even though I love them, I don’t wanna learn from them. I don’t wanna be as prejudiced as some of my family members. And even though not all of my family members see eye-to-eye with my views of the world, my wish to travel the world, live abroad and live my life protecting nature and making decisions that help the environment, I love them. The fact that they don’t always seem to believe in me makes me want to  prove myself to them. I wouldn’t wanna do that if I didn’t love them, their opinion wouldn’t matter to me if I didn’t. So my family shapes me.

I love photographing, because it gives me a way to show the world as I see it. It gives me a way to show other people the beauty of an animal, plant or a simple moment of life. I can show what matters to me in this world.

My love for animals and nature shapes my career wishes. I’d love to become a biologist, so I could help animals and other organisms and maybe make other people realize how important and beautiful they all are in their own way.

In my opinion, love is something that shapes us to be the people we are. No matter how much we try not to let them, the people and things we love, change us. When you love something, you can’t imagine your life without it. Like when you have a dear friend or a family member and for some reason you lose them, it leaves a hole in your life, but most of all, it leaves a hole in your heart. That’s what love is to me. Unconditional caring. You think you can’t live without the things you love. But sometimes you have to let them go, it hurts at first, but you learn to live without them with time. Pets and loved-ones die, but their memory stays forever in your memory. The hurt of losing something you love may never go away, but in time it lessens. 

That’s what I call love.

Things and people you don’t wanna let go, but sometimes have to. 

Things that make us who we are, things that shape us.

Passions, that we can share with the world. 

First time out after the winter

Today was a lovely day, sun was shining and it was warm, so I decided it was time to take Tintti out. She’s a typical indoor-cat so she doesn’t go out that much, and she’s pretty timid when she’s outside and I have to stay with her so she won’t accidentally run under a car or something, especially  because we live so near downtown.


tintsu 026

You can never be too careful, just sneaking around 🙂

tintsu 028

And a little snack, grass.

tintsu 033

A little farther away from the door.

tintsu 036

What’s that?

tintsu 038

Hey, that looks interesting..

tintsu 045

Did I her a door opening?