Three people walk into a bar, they’re quite an extraordinary group. There’s the first boy who’s laughing at something the other boy said like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard. His white-blond hair that is usually slicked back stylishly is wet, probably due the pouring rain outside. His grey eyes light up while he laughs.  The other boys’ black hair is as messy as a  bird’s nest, not even the rain manage flattening it up. He listens to the other boy’s laugh like it’s the best sound in the world.

Your mind is sidetracked when your eyes land on the red-headed girl in the middle of the two boys. She is complaining about the rain and how her hair is a mess because of it.You think she looks perfect. You wonder why she can’t see it. They sit in the corner, their usual table, take off their coats and the girl goes to fetch drinks for the three. The boys hardly even notice her coming back and giving them their drinks, they’re so engrossed in their conversation. The miracle is, the girl slips in the conversation like she never left it.

You debate going over there to talk to the girl, but are too intimidated by the two boys. Even though you know neither of them is her boyfriend, you know the black haired is her cousin and both boys are very protective over her. You’ve been so engrossed in your thoughts that you’ve missed someone sitting on the bar stool next to you. When you look to your right, you see the red-head smiling brightly at you.




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