Pokemon Chibi Amigurumis

I know this may make me seem like a huge child but this last week I’ve been making Chibi Pokemon Amigurumis. But I don’t care, I love Pokemon. If that makes me childish I don’t give a damn πŸ™‚ I got the idea from some cute Pokemon amigurumis that I saw in DevianART. So I decided to make my own. These are all made by me, from my own patterns. They’re made just for fun, I don’t plan on selling them or the patterns.

chibi pokemon amigurumi 006

Charmander. I wanted tot make a whole set of all of the starter pokemons of all generations but some of them were harder than others so I didn’t make all, the first generation is the most complete, missing only Bulbasaur πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 008 chibi pokemon amigurumi 009

Squirtle. From the front and from the side so you can see the tail.

chibi pokemon amigurumi 012

Jolteon. I absolutely adore Eevee and all it’s evolutions and here’s the first of the set, one of my all-time favorite pokemon πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 015

Snorlax. Here’s one sleepy fellow πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 011

Pikachu. No one that likes pokemon can resist this cutie..

chibi pokemon amigurumi 016Β Β chibi pokemon amigurumi 018

Cyndaquil. My favorite of the second generation’s starter pokemon πŸ™‚ I decided to make this one without the flames in it’s back because I already have a big Cyndaquil with the flames πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 025

Oshawott. This cutie looks a little funny in this picture πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 020


Torchic. The feet are a bit too big, but who cares? πŸ˜€