Chibi amigurumies

I resently started to watch one of my childhood favorite shows again, Digimon. Some may think it’s a kids’ show, but it’s still one of my favorites. I just love anime and it’s one of my favorites.
So here are some chibi amigurumies inspired by digimon:



Tokomon. It’s one of my favorite digimon. I don’t know if this looks like tokomon to everybody, but it’s my first version and I think it’s good enough.


Punimon. This is one of the baby digimon, so it doesn’t have any special powers but it’s cute and it’s the baby stage of my favorite digimon Gabumon and it’s pre-evolution Tsunomon. 🙂


Motimon. This is not one of my ultimate favorites but it’s cute and I like Koshiro who’s digimon partner he is in the first digimon adventures series.


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