There are many things one could say about secrets, but whatever people think of secrets, it is human nature to have them. Whether big or small, secrets have away of coming out eventually.

To me, secrets are sacred. If you tell someone else’s secret to someone, you have betrayed the most sacred trust ever. If you cannot keep someone else’s secret, don’t expect that someone else to keep your secrets either. You have to be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.

Personally, I have some, not necessarily secrets, but things I don’t tell people about myself or my history. I don’t know if I make a conscious decision to not tell these things to people, it’s just easier to not talk about them and they are not necessarily relevant to my life as of now. Yes, they have made me the person I am, but at this stage of my life they are not important enough to tell people that will not necessarily stay in my life that long. If the people stay in my life long enough, or I feel it is relevant to tell them, I will.

I think I am an honest and trustworthy person. When somebody tells me a secret, I will not tell it to anyone. I wouldn’t want other people to tell my secrets so I offer them the same courtesy. If someone deems me trustworthy enough to tell their secrets to, I will respect that trust and I hope the people I tell my secrets to will do the same. Tell my secrets to other people and you have my wrath to live with. And it will not be pretty.