My Day

This time I’m supposed to bullet-point my whole day. So here goes nothing:

  • Wake up –> I had forgotten to switch off the alarm on my phone so I woke up at 7.30. Although I just went back to sleep.
  • Actually get up –> at around ten am. after reading some fanfiction from my phone.
  • Watched season finale of Once Upon a Time –> I’m behind on many series and this was one of them. Can I just say, I wish it would have ended to this season?
  • Some school work –> I don’t have any classes anymore, but I still have to finish up my BA thesis.
  • Watch some more TV and knitting a security blanket for my godson.
  • Read and listen to some music –> A Sookie Stackhouse book and country music 🙂
  • Watch some more TV –> on to BBT
  • Going to the store with my parents –> needed some kitty litter and yarn. Also food
  • Waiting for my brother-in-law to come and check on dad’s computer –> if he comes alone, I’ll go straight out with friends to play some board games, if he comes with my sister and godson, I’ll stay and go after they leave if my friends are still there.
  • Playing board games and having fun with friends.

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