Something I Miss

I don’t know what I could say to this. I don’t miss much of anything. Most things that are worth missing, I try to keep close to me. My friends and family are always a phone call or a text message away. At the moment, I am staying with my parents for the summer, so it’s more like I would love to get away from them for a while. My kittycat is also here, so I don’t miss her like I usually do.

If I have to pick one thing, I would probably say that I miss my late grandparents. I only have one living grandparent, my grandma, alive, so I sometimes miss the others. There are many things I would be doing and experiencing with them if they were still here.

My granddad from my mother’s side loved crossword puzzles before he got alzheimer’s. That would probably be something I would share with him were he still alive. He also always bought me and my sister sweet peas and strawberries for our name days which are only about a week apart in the summer. It is a tradition that I sorely miss.

My grandma from my mother’s side was a craft-person. She was a seamstress and she was always knitting or crocheting something. This would be something we would probably share. I love all kinds of crafts and I feel like she could have taught me many things if she was still here. I miss all the missed opportunities of learning I could have had with her had she lived longer. But alas, she died when I was about 13 and had no particular interest in crafts yet.

My granddad from my father’s side was a working man. He was always doing something. He built the house he lived with my grandmother in before I was born. He was, and still is, my inspiration for doing my best. When he got sick, the thing that got to him the most was the fact that he could not do the things that he could before, like shoveling the snow during the winter or splitting firewood. We all could see how much it pained him not to be able to do those things. I miss the man who was always loving and did his best.

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