A Letter to Someone

This time I’m supposed to write a letter to anyone I like. I think I will write a letter as my Doctor Who role playing character to their significant other. They were on a mission that went a little sideways. My character ended up being separated from their friends and significant other and ran into the Doctor and some other people. My character, Ydheell, writes letters to Kohren, their significant other about their travels as a way of coping with the guilt that is gnawing at them. Here is one of them.

Dear Kohren,

I do not feel good about the way I acted today. I was really rude to a girl called Hailey. Although, for my defense, she was really mean to Alexis. I’ll tell you all about it.

I was already a little down as we descended into 21st century London. We had just recently said goodbye to Crescent and the crew and I missed them. It’s a little like missing you and the twins, although I know I can still call Crescent if I miss them too much. And I know they are happy and free. Yet I still miss them. I tried not to get so attached, but somehow Crescent and their salty ways wormed their way into my heart.

Anyway, we ended up in 21st century London, like I said. We hadn’t been there for long when we ran into this girl. She was wearing this weird science-pun t-shirt. I think I could’ve liked her if she wasn’t such a bitch almost from the start. We had barely even introduced ourselves when she already accused Alexis of being a cyborg! And no matter what we said she wouldn’t believe us. We even got a scientist to prove Alexis is not a cyborg and she still wouldn’t listen! She just continued being mean to Alexis. And you know how I feel about people assuming things just because of how somebody looks or where they come from. And I especially don’t like when people are mean to my traveling companions friends. As you know, I’ve grown quite fond of them. I admit, I was mean to her too, like telling her to go fuck herself but I was angry.

And then, when we were leaving, she snuck into the Tardis! Which, in itself is quite impressive. I mean, she snuck past the Doctor! But still, she could’ve asked…Although, I feel like we would’ve said no to her joining us. So maybe it’s better that she just snuck in. Although I still don’t approve. Now I have to live with her. At least she had the sense not to try and sleep in Crescent’s hammock. Anyway, that’s enough venting, I know what you’d say. “Try to be nice”. I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything. So, on to more pleasant things.

Teela, like the idiot she is went on a swim on the Thames. The water was really murky and disgusting. Something you not be swimming in. She got some information for us though, so I guess it was worth it.

We got to meet some interesting people too. We also got to see the Unit headquarters! It was cool. They had many neat gadgets. I also got to hug some Earth trees! I was a bit angry, so I thought it would help me relax. Although some people called me a hippie when I hugged that tree. But I think I read somewhere that that was a common word for tree-huggers in 21st century Earth, so I let it slide. I don’t think they meant it as an insult, just a word for my weird behavior.

The Doctor was acting a bit weird. Although he was a bit depressed to begin with what with our latest adventure and having to condemn a fellow Time Lord to live as a human.

We also called Crescent. I don’t know if they’re missing us as much as we miss them. Although we don’t know how much time has passed for them. Crescent wasn’t sure either. But Crescent has their crew so I think they’re okay. They told us to be nicer to Hailey. I think I’ll try. For Crescent. And for you, because I know you would say I need to give her a chance. So I will.

I miss you.

Love, Ydheell.