I am a 21 year old girl from Finland. I love animals and nature. I study English Language and Translation. I like writing and creating stuff. So there will probably be post about writing or short stories and stuff and also postings about my crochet and knitting work. I also love photographing it’s one of my passions and I wish I could pursue it in some way related to biology, maybe taking nature pictures or photographing to a biology paper or articles of biology. I would love to work abroad and maybe even live abroad someday. The two places I would love to work or live in are America(north or south, I don’t care)  and Australia. I also love learning about cultures and new languages. Some people could maybe think that I’m a little weird, having interest in different kind of catastrophes in the world and how the human mind works. I also love to read, mostly fantasy and crime novels.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Go after your passions! So happy to see young people who care about the environment, animals and also the human mind. Thank you also for stopping by my blog. Live your dreams!

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