Chibi amigurumies

I resently started to watch one of my childhood favorite shows again, Digimon. Some may think it’s a kids’ show, but it’s still one of my favorites. I just love anime and it’s one of my favorites.
So here are some chibi amigurumies inspired by digimon:



Tokomon. It’s one of my favorite digimon. I don’t know if this looks like tokomon to everybody, but it’s my first version and I think it’s good enough.


Punimon. This is one of the baby digimon, so it doesn’t have any special powers but it’s cute and it’s the baby stage of my favorite digimon Gabumon and it’s pre-evolution Tsunomon. πŸ™‚


Motimon. This is not one of my ultimate favorites but it’s cute and I like Koshiro who’s digimon partner he is in the first digimon adventures series.

Pokemon Chibi Amigurumis

I know this may make me seem like a huge child but this last week I’ve been making Chibi Pokemon Amigurumis. But I don’t care, I love Pokemon. If that makes me childish I don’t give a damn πŸ™‚ I got the idea from some cute Pokemon amigurumis that I saw in DevianART. So I decided to make my own. These are all made by me, from my own patterns. They’re made just for fun, I don’t plan on selling them or the patterns.

chibi pokemon amigurumi 006

Charmander. I wanted tot make a whole set of all of the starter pokemons of all generations but some of them were harder than others so I didn’t make all, the first generation is the most complete, missing only Bulbasaur πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 008 chibi pokemon amigurumi 009

Squirtle. From the front and from the side so you can see the tail.

chibi pokemon amigurumi 012

Jolteon. I absolutely adore Eevee and all it’s evolutions and here’s the first of the set, one of my all-time favorite pokemon πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 015

Snorlax. Here’s one sleepy fellow πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 011

Pikachu. No one that likes pokemon can resist this cutie..

chibi pokemon amigurumi 016Β Β chibi pokemon amigurumi 018

Cyndaquil. My favorite of the second generation’s starter pokemon πŸ™‚ I decided to make this one without the flames in it’s back because I already have a big Cyndaquil with the flames πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 025

Oshawott. This cutie looks a little funny in this picture πŸ™‚

chibi pokemon amigurumi 020


Torchic. The feet are a bit too big, but who cares? πŸ˜€