Some people might not agree

I bought a book today. It was a book about rare animals. As I was reading it, I once again began to think, why would we people be so cruel as to kill innocent animals for such things as their fur to make coats or their teeth for “medicine” or to just to collect them? Why would people want to wear a dead animal? Or why would people kill an innocent rhino or an elephant just to get their horns or tusks? And for what use? To make some stupid “medicine” from it that doesn’t have any proven medical effect. How can we people be so cruel that we bring species to the brink of extinction just because we want to look pretty?

I also don’t see any reason for us people to kill animals the way some people do, just because they’re killing other animals, our pets or our livestock, because let’s face it, we’re moving to their territory. What other options do the wild animals have than to prey on our livestock and pets when we come to their territory and kill or force their prey animals to move away?

I mean, they’re living things like we are, don’t they have an equal right to live? Some people may think that since humans are superior in intelligence to every creature on earth, we have a right to use the other animals as we please. I don’t think so. Our superiority gives us the responsibility to care for the other creatures. Besides, who are we to say that animals aren’t intelligent? There are many animals that are very intelligent, so don’t they have an equal right to live as us? Maybe even greater.

We have a power to make other animals go extinct. But this power is what gives us the responsibility to protect and cherish the animals.

Like Stan Lee said(not quite word-to-word), with great power comes great responsibility.

Animals in my life

I have many animals in my life. Firstly, I have my cat, Tintti. She’s very special to me because she’s my first own pet. When I was little we had another cat called Mikki but she was my sister’s cat. I got Tintti from my grandmother when her cat had babies, Tintti was the last one and I convinced my mum to allow me to take it. I remember when we brought her home. She was really tiny, just about two or three months old and she could get anywhere she wanted. She was really scared after the hour drive from my grandmother’s and when she finally got inside she started to look around the place. For a while we continued our day as it would’ve normally but after about an hour we realized Tintti was nowhere to be seen. We looked everywhere and I was starting to panic, where had she gone? Finally I found her in the corner of my room under a storage box that was like ten centimeters up from the floor. I tried to coax her out of there but she wouldn’t come. I remember I cried that she hates me and that we have to take her back, and that was the moment she came to me and stood in my lap. From that moment on I’ve known she loves me.

I also have other animals in my life. My sister has two cats called Haru and Sora. They’re about half a year older than Tintti and they’re really a cute couple. Haru is the lively one who’s almost always somewhere near begging for petting πŸ™‚ Sora Β is the shy girl who needs some coaxing to get her out of her shell. She’s became even more careful when my sister and her boyfrined got a dog called Lady. It took some time and she’s still getting used to the new comer after almost a year but she’s coming around. Both cats are dear to me in their own way and they also sometimes get to be the object of my photographing. Lady is like one of my friends. She’s a lively dog and I love that about her. She also gets to be in my pictures whenever she can be still for enough time for me to take pictures.

My grandmother has two cats and a dog. Misu, the older cat is special to me because she’s Tintti’s mother. Without her i wouldn’t have my lovely little baby πŸ™‚ Repsu is the little one who likes to be held and petted. And then there’s Rosi, the dog. She’s like one of my best friends. She gets sad whenever I’m not with my parents when they go visit my grandmother and I always feel bad when I’m not going with them because of it πŸ™‚ We have a lot of fun together whenever we’re visiting them. We walk around in the woods around my grandmother’s place and we play in the riverbank and also she’s the object of many pictures πŸ™‚

My brother has four dogs. Three little ones and one big one. The big one is called Moppe and he’s ultimately my favorite πŸ™‚ He likes petting and he’s never gonna get enough of it. He looks at you with these cute little chocolate brown puppy-eyes and you can’t help but melt(well, at least I can’t) This is probably one of the reasons why he’s my favorite but it could also be ’cause I like big dogs, little dogs are too little. Dogs should be big πŸ™‚ The little dogs have lots of energy an they’re the little rebels but still, they’re special to me too because they each have their own personality.

I really don’t have much options but love animals with a family like mine πŸ˜€ I would love to become a biologist and help the endangered animals all over the world so maybe it’s a good thing my family loves animals too πŸ™‚

I just watched an document of a little

I just watched an document of a little bear cub that had been bred by a person who wanted to sell bear cubs as pets for people. Who the hell wants a bear as a pet?! Don’t people realize that wild animals belong to nature? That you should never try and tame something so majestic and big as a bear. And don’t people realize that the animals suffer from it? It’s not just that they have to live in houses with people instead of in the nature where they belong, but if they follow their instincts and for example attack a human, it’s the animal that suffers the worst of faith. The person whose pet it is gets a fine and the animal almost always has to be euthanized. It’s not fair for the animal to suffer from the fact that humans are arrogant and don’t care 😦