I’ve been traveling with two of my friends for a couple of weeks now. We’re in Blackpool at the moment, but will be leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow. I thought, since I have found much more spare time to write on this holiday, and I’ve already pestered my readers with my creative writing I thought I’d change the tone of at least one posting and post some photos from our adventures.

6.6 (50).JPGA lovely picture of the peer during the low tide.

6.6 (76).JPGBlackpool tower

6.6 (98).JPG

A lovely sunset, and my dear friends.

13.6 (67).JPGLovely shoreline.

IMG_2738.JPGThe high tide.





The first mittens I’ve made for the coming winter. This pair went to a friend from my summer job.

These were made with a double-headed crochet hook. My friend wanted the upper color to be pink, and the lower color white. I had thought I’d make it the other way but she didn’t want it that way. I thought it wouldn’t look that good, but it actually looks really good. The ribbon just under the palm gives it a nice touch, I think.

Little guys at the work place

I’ve been working at a local farm this summer and there’s been a lot of little bugs and other animals around. Here’s some pictures I’ve taken with my phone:


A ladybug on a dill field


A lizard on a dill field


A frog sitting on the porch


A caterpillar chillin’ on a legume leaf


A little caterpillar on my hand.

The Two Sides of the Camera

I’m very comfortable behind the camera, like taking the pictures and sharing the world as I see it. Taking pictures, for me, is a way of expressing myself. I’ve never been good at drawing so the natural way for me to express myself has been through photographs and writing. They’ve become my passions. So I’d say I’m very comfortable behind the camera, taking the pictures.

But when it comes to being on the others side of the camera, being the one in the photo, I’m not that comfortable. Perhaps it’s because I had a low self-esteem when I was younger and I didn’t like the way I looked much. Nowadays I like the way I look (most days) but the camera-shyness Β is here to stay. I rarely like pictures of me other people have taken, even if the person who took the picture or others say I look good in them. Β I don’t know why that is, it just is.

So, I would say I’m more comfortable behind the camera, taking pictures than in front of it, being the one photographed. Maybe some day I’ll get rid of my camera-shyness, but until then, I’ll try and stay on the other side of the camera πŸ™‚