It Takes a Lot of Courage to Stand up to Your Enemies, But a Great Deal More to Stand up to Your Friends

Quote Me

I’m sensing a theme here with the Dumbledore quotes.

Although I chose this one, I can’t say this is the only great quote, it’s just the first that came to my mind.

This is one of my favorite quotes for many reasons. It reminds me that it is okay to not always agree with my friends. I have strong opinions and I’m not afraid to voice them. If I sometimes find myself doubting myself in the face of my friends having differing opinions to mine, I remember these words.

Although the difference in opinion may create some bad feelings between us for a little while, I believe it will strengthen our friendship. And that is what I feel is the soul of this quote. That you may be afraid to stand up for what you believe in before your ‘enemies’ but in the end, their opinions do not matter but you will be even more afraid to stand against your friends because theirs does. But in the end, the leap of faith you take when standing up to your friends will pay up in the end because they are your friends and they love you.

Another reason why I love this quote is the tone it sets for Neville in Harry Potter. A boy who does not believe in himself gets recognition for once in his life and it gives him courage to be better. Even though he is awkward, clumsy and not that great in school, somebody recognizes he has potential. It also gives him the first validation for why he got sorted into Gryffindor.

These are some of the reasons why I love this quote.

More fingerless mittens



I made another pair of fingerless mittens. These too are in Harry Potter colors. These are in Slytherin green and “silver” (grey). I love green, it’s my favorite color, and I decided to make these. After that I decided to make a whole set, so there’ll be two more pairs in the near future 🙂

Finger-less mittens




Made some fingerless mittens for myself because I love to use these kinds of mittens in the autumn and spring because they’re not too warm to use. I chose these colors to go with a scarf I made on Harry Potter -style in gryffindor colors. The yellow in the mittens is a kittle lighter than the yellow in my scarf because they stopped selling the exact shade I used on the scarf.