The Hard Way

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but here comes the next part of my 30 day challenge with a twist. This time I’m supposed to write about a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

I think the lesson that I have had to learn the hard way that has had the biggest effect on me is the fact that you can’t always trust people. I’ve had to learn how to live with betrayal from people I thought were my friends.

I’ve had many friends that have disappointed me and made me feel like I don’t matter as much to them as they do to me. That is a given, but betrayal of another kind I don’t appreciate.

Disappointment in people is a given. People just don’t always act the way you wished they did.

But when people betray your trust it is not as easy to get over. I had one friend that I told many secrets and when she one day decided we were not friends anymore I guess she felt that the secrecy of a friend no longer counted. She told people who I fancied and other stuff too. While people finding out who you fancy may not be a big deal to me now, it was to a 15-year old me. It felt like the biggest betrayal there could ever have been.

This betrayal is one of the biggest reasons I am nowadays quite cautious about what I tell people about myself and my life. It is kind of sad, but I have learned to live with it as a part of my personality.

So, I guess that was one thing that I’ve had to learn the hard way.

Three Lessons I Want My Children to Learn from Me

If I ever have children, I would like to think that I would be able to teach them more than three lessons but here are the three I feel are the most important.

1.Be  Kind to Animals

This was one of the criteria to win my heart also. So I think it is clear that animals are important to me. To me, it is important to remember that the animals on our planet have just as much, maybe even more of a right to live their life. While they may not be as intelligent as us humans, they have every right to live on our planet. They just can’t justify their existence with words like we can.

Therefore, I would love to teach my children to be respectful and kind to all animals, no matter how bad their reputation is. Yet still be aware of the danger of wild animals.

2.Be Considerate of Others

I live my life trying to be kind and considerate to other people. That is not to say that I always succeed. I do not make fun of or judge people based on their sexual orientation, race, sex or other things. I get to know the person under all these tiny things and then make my judgement based on that. Of course there are people that irk me faster than others, but even then I try and be considerate and nice even though I don’t like them.

I would love for my children to learn that no matter where the people they meet come from or who they are or what they believe, they are still people and should be treated as such.

3. Money isn’t Everything

My family isn’t rolling in the money, so I’ve learned in my life that money isn’t everything. I had a happy childhood even though I didn’t have all the latest toys and gadgets.

I hope that my children would learn from me that money does not equal happiness. You can be happy without everything that money can buy. Material things don’t mean happiness.  You can have everything you can imagine and still be miserable.


These three are the important lessons I would hope I would be able to teach my (hypothetical) children.