Celebrity Crushes

This time I’m supposed to write about three celebrity crushes

Tom Fletcher

He was one of my first celebrity crushes, and boy did this crush last long. I first came across him and his band, McFly, while playing singstar with my Finnish baseball team. I liked the song and decided to look the band up later. That is how McFly became one of my favorite bands. I was in fifth grade.

Tom quickly became my favorite because of his boyish look and smile. He also had dimples! He also had a nice voice. Two of my friends also loved the band and they had their own favorites. I think this was the biggest reason my crush lasted so long. I had people who fanned the flame. I liked him until eight or ninth grade. Then he was replaced by others.

Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy. Need I say more? Tom Felton was probably my second celebrity crush and I still appreciate his handsomeness. I found him in the Harry Potter movies. Draco was, and still is, my favorite character. I can’t help but like the bad boys. Ever since the Harry Potter movies I have followed his career. I even watched the Rise of the Planet of the Apes just because he was in it. Even though I had vowed that I would not watch it. But I’m glad I did, since it is a great movie and the series is good. Can’t wait for the last movie to come out this summer.

The highlight of my life so far has been when my friend went to comic con in Montreal last summer and Felton was there. She was the best friend ever and paid herself sick to get me his autograph! It has a special place in my heart and she is nearly forever excused from getting me birthday- or Christmas presents.

Jake Abel

He is my ultimate celebrity crush. Once my friends said that the most likely crime I would get arrested doing would be breaking into his house. Gotta love my friends.

My first connection to Jake Abel was Supernatural. He was adorable as Adam. I only wished they would have brought him back for more episodes. Yet I don’t much care anymore since he has done so many other things I love.

To prove just how much I love him, I tell you this: I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters just because HE was in it. I also pushed my prejudice against Stephenie Meyer aside and went to see The Host. Which became one of my favorite movies. I also loved the book.

I still like him and will probably never stop liking him.


So, here are three of my celebrity crushes. I think these are the most important ones I’ve had in my life.



30 Facts About Me

  1. I’m the youngest of three children
  2. My siblings are 9 and 12 years older than me
  3. I’m a proud aunt of 2 children
  4. I love country music
  5. I love animals and nature
  6. I have a cat that’s named after one of my favorite cartoon characters
  7. I’m a closet romantic
  8. I watch a lot of crime shows
  9. My favorite colour is green, but not Christmas-green
  10. I read a lot of Crime- and Detective novels
  11. James Patterson and Agatha Christie are two of my favorite authors
  12. I actually wrote my BA thesis about an Agatha Christie translation
  13. I study English language and translation in University
  14. I love languages
  15. My birthday is in December
  16. One of my biggest dreams is to have an alpaca and sheep farm
  17. I am a nerd
  18. Tom Felton is one of my favorite actors
  19. I do a lot of crafts
  20. I am left-handed
  21. I wear a lot of plaid shirts
  22. I just recently became a god-mother
  23. I like bright colours
  24. I love accents, british, scottish, australian and many others..
  25. I would love to have a husky or a beagle
  26. I’m short
  27. I have a loud voice
  28. I play pokemon go
  29. I rarely go anywhere without music
  30. I watch a lot of anime