My perfect rainy day

My perfect rainy day would be making myself a perfect sitting spot in my favorite chair. Then I would make myself a cup of hot chocolate or tea, take a good book and sit down. Then I’d make myself comfortable and start reading.

With the relaxing sound of rain hitting the roof mixing with the quiet tunes of my favorite music coming trough the speakers in the background I can relax and lose myself in a great book. Once in a while I would pick up my mug and sip a little hot chocolate and then continue reading. While reading a book I can forget about the world around me and even loose track of time.

That’s what my perfect rainy day would be.

Some people might not agree

I bought a book today. It was a book about rare animals. As I was reading it, I once again began to think, why would we people be so cruel as to kill innocent animals for such things as their fur to make coats or their teeth for “medicine” or to just to collect them? Why would people want to wear a dead animal? Or why would people kill an innocent rhino or an elephant just to get their horns or tusks? And for what use? To make some stupid “medicine” from it that doesn’t have any proven medical effect. How can we people be so cruel that we bring species to the brink of extinction just because we want to look pretty?

I also don’t see any reason for us people to kill animals the way some people do, just because they’re killing other animals, our pets or our livestock, because let’s face it, we’re moving to their territory. What other options do the wild animals have than to prey on our livestock and pets when we come to their territory and kill or force their prey animals to move away?

I mean, they’re living things like we are, don’t they have an equal right to live? Some people may think that since humans are superior in intelligence to every creature on earth, we have a right to use the other animals as we please. I don’t think so. Our superiority gives us the responsibility to care for the other creatures. Besides, who are we to say that animals aren’t intelligent? There are many animals that are very intelligent, so don’t they have an equal right to live as us? Maybe even greater.

We have a power to make other animals go extinct. But this power is what gives us the responsibility to protect and cherish the animals.

Like Stan Lee said(not quite word-to-word), with great power comes great responsibility.