Movies I Never Tire of Watching

The Harry Potter -series

These movies and books are a big part of my nerd-identity and therefore important to me. I can watch them over and over again and have not yet grown tired of them. They always bring me back to good memories and I just love them.

Komisario Palmu movies

These are a series of three (four) Finnish movies based on the books of Mika Waltari. They are good old murder mysteries and a part of old Finnish black-and-white movie legacy that I love. My dad loves the old black-and-white Finnish movies and I was raised watching them. This “series”, however, is one of my favorites because they are murder mysteries. I never get tired of watching them, even though I have watched them hundreds of times and remember nearly all of the lines of the movies. I can always watch them and revert back to my childhood when I watched these movies.

Sorority Boys

I came across this movie when I looked for Michael Welling movies and loved it from the first watch. This movie never fails to make me feel good. It’s a funny movie about personal growth. I love it and will probably be inspired to watch it once again because of this post. 🙂

Detective Conan -movies

These are a series of anime movies that correspond to the anime series of the same name. One comes out every year and since I found these, I have watched them from the first to the last nearly every year once the newest has been released. I just love these, not only because they are detective stories, but because they are great anime movies.

The X-Men -series

These, like the Harry Potter movies are a big part of my nerd-identity. I have watched them several times and will watch them many times in the future. While they are not all equally good, I love them all.

The Host

Now, I don’t know if I like this movie so much because of the movie or because it has Jake Abel in it. I admit that was the biggest reason I wanted to see this movie, but I liked it quite a lot when I saw it. Actually I liked it so much that the next day after seeing it I went to the closest bookstore and bought the book it was based on. Needless to say I finished the book in, like, three days. It is a great story about not judging people because of what they are but based on how they act and how they are on the inside.

What am I Excited About?

I generally get excited about small things that may not seem exiting to anybody else. Things like a new yarn or a craft project I want to try. A new book or a movie is also a good thing to get excited about. Also animals and all the small things that make life worth living.

However, what I’m currently most excited about is that I’m going to be a godmother! My sister just had a baby and she an her husband asked me, along with his little brother and my sister’s best friend, to be the child’s godmother. I am really excited. Especially since I did not actually think they would ask me. I had already resigned myself to the fact that they would ask one of his sisters and I would have to wait at least until the next one. But I get to be the godmother of their first child!

I had already vowed to be the cool aunt that drowns the baby in nerdy-things, but now I get to be the nerdy godmother instead of the nerdy aunt. I had the best godmother of my siblings, so I will endeavor to be the best godmother I can be so that my new godson will not miss a thing.

5 Blessings

The first blessing in my life would have to be my family. They love me unconditionally and understand me. I can be just the way I am and they don’t care. They still love and support me. My parents are great, even though my dad worries too much. I have been blessed with two great siblings, a big brother and a big sister. While my sister and I may not have always seen eye-to-eye, I know that we love each other. Plus our relationship has gotten better as we’ve gotten older.  I also have the greatest niece in the world and soon will have a new niece or a nephew to dote on.

The second blessing would have to be my friends. I have the best friends I could ask for. They understand my nerdiness and love me for it. I have been blessed enough to find a few friends in my hometown, but I also have a great group of friends in the town I study in. My uni friends are more the nerdy sort that love Harry Potter, Doctor Who and any such things whereas my hometown friends are the sort that have known me more or less my whole life and therefore know me almost inside-out. I feel blessed to have these two groups and intend to keep them if it kills me. 🙂

The third blessing in my life is probably my ability to do handcrafts. It gives me an outlet for my feelings and also a way to keep myself calm and occupied. It is a blessing I have inherited from both of my grandmothers. It is a way for me to give something special to friends and family.

The fourth one is my health. I have been lucky enough to stay relatively healthy my whole life. Except for several ear infections when I was small, 5 and a half years of retainers, and not very severe allergies, I have been quite healthy. Not all people are so lucky, so I feel quite blessed for my health.

The fifth and last one would be my ability to read. Not all people in the world can read and even though I live in a society that every person can read in, I know it is a privilege. Reading gives me an opportunity to lose myself in another world and forget my worries and unwind. I could not imagine my life if I didn’t know how to read, so I am quite happy that I can.

Without these blessings my life would not be the same. Nor would I be the person I am now, so I can say that I am truly blessed.

What If…

I’m supposed to write about a time that I’ve always thought what if? about. I’ll have to disappoint you with this one. I can’t think of a thing I think like that.

I try and live my life without regrets, so if I want to do something, I usually do it. If I leave something I wanted to do undone, I try not to dwell on it. Usually there is a reason for when I don’t do something. Reasons like I don’t have money or the opportunity. I try not to let time be the problem because I know I would regret if I didn’t do something simply because I had no time. It’s just a matter of arranging things.

I usually speak my mind, so people usually know what I think about them or how I feel towards them. I may live behind a mask of indifference, but the people who truly matter to me know that they do.

Sorry for the disappointing what if – post

Animals and Plants

This time I’m supposed to write about something I feel strongly about. And that something is how we should treat our environment and animals.

Like some who have read my previous writing may know, I love animals and nature. I love walking around in nature. I also have strong opinions about how we as humans treat certain animals.

I think all of us should take into consideration that Earth is not just OUR home. There are billions of other creatures that also call earth their own. So why should WE be the ones to decide how to treat this shared planet? Don’t the animals and plants have any say? In our society, they do not.

I try to make my decisions based on how they affect the world, and especially the animals and plants around me. While I cannot always make those choices, I try and make them as often as I can.

So, I would like to challenge you to do the same. Let’s make the world a better place for us and the creatures and plants around us together.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Today, as you can see, I will share some words of wisdom that speak to me with you guys.

These words speak to me because I love not to act my age. I do not understand why we should become boring just as soon as we are “adults”. I mean, I don’t even feel like I am an adult. I know I’m old enough to be considered an adult, but to me, being and adult is more connected to the stage you are in your life rather than how old you are.

I am an adult because of my age, but I am not an adult like my parents or even my siblings. I mean, my parents are of course adults, but even my siblings are more adult than me. My sister is married and expecting her first child and my brother has a nine year old daughter. These are things that, in my opinion make a person a REAL adult. I am in no hurry to have these things. I want to enjoy my youth and act like a child.

I love just enjoying my University years and doing stupid shit with my friends. I mean, I am not doing anything too stupid, just enjoying myself. So why shouldn’t I? I have more than enough time to be a boring adult. So I will be enjoying acting like a child and playing.

I want to keep myself young, so I will endeavor to be the cool aunt who plays with their nieces and nephews if they so want. I hope I will never be too old to enjoy playing anything. I mean, I will never enjoy playing Kimble, but nearly anything else I will play.