Movies I Never Tire of Watching

The Harry Potter -series

These movies and books are a big part of my nerd-identity and therefore important to me. I can watch them over and over again and have not yet grown tired of them. They always bring me back to good memories and I just love them.

Komisario Palmu movies

These are a series of three (four) Finnish movies based on the books of Mika Waltari. They are good old murder mysteries and a part of old Finnish black-and-white movie legacy that I love. My dad loves the old black-and-white Finnish movies and I was raised watching them. This “series”, however, is one of my favorites because they are murder mysteries. I never get tired of watching them, even though I have watched them hundreds of times and remember nearly all of the lines of the movies. I can always watch them and revert back to my childhood when I watched these movies.

Sorority Boys

I came across this movie when I looked for Michael Welling movies and loved it from the first watch. This movie never fails to make me feel good. It’s a funny movie about personal growth. I love it and will probably be inspired to watch it once again because of this post. 🙂

Detective Conan -movies

These are a series of anime movies that correspond to the anime series of the same name. One comes out every year and since I found these, I have watched them from the first to the last nearly every year once the newest has been released. I just love these, not only because they are detective stories, but because they are great anime movies.

The X-Men -series

These, like the Harry Potter movies are a big part of my nerd-identity. I have watched them several times and will watch them many times in the future. While they are not all equally good, I love them all.

The Host

Now, I don’t know if I like this movie so much because of the movie or because it has Jake Abel in it. I admit that was the biggest reason I wanted to see this movie, but I liked it quite a lot when I saw it. Actually I liked it so much that the next day after seeing it I went to the closest bookstore and bought the book it was based on. Needless to say I finished the book in, like, three days. It is a great story about not judging people because of what they are but based on how they act and how they are on the inside.

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